Tips To Acing The Test The Day Before The Test


Finding the most beneficial way to study can take a lot of trial and error. Some students benefit more from taking notes in class or while reading, while others prefer taking practice tests and quizzes from online or in the textbook. These helpful tips and tricks neither guarantee nor ruin the chances of having all of that studying pay off on test day. Each student simply has to find what works best for him or her.
Some of the most helpful study methods for me are creating mnemonic devices, watching review videos, and taking practice tests. Creating acronyms or mnemonic devices from complicated names or tough terms to remember can be helpful in connecting the term with its meaning.
Often, using the internet can be helpful. YouTube has videos for just about every major topic one might study in class, and helpful videos like Crash Course can help to review all of the key points of a topic. Many students are aware of the practice tests or quizzes in their books, but never use them. Taking a practice quiz can give you an idea of what kind of questions might be asked on the test. Ultimately, answering practice questions and checking them will help you figure out what you know and what you still might need to study.
Other factors are important in studying, as well. According to, allotting yourself breaks with a reward, such as a scroll through your Instagram feed or a walk to the kitchen for some ice cream, can be very beneficial when you need motivation to finish those last two pages of notes. Some students enjoy using a study group to review information. If you cannot explain the material in your own words to a peer, you probably do not have a strong enough grip on the concept. also notes that playing soft music, specifically classical, during a study session has been proven to help reduce test anxiety and stress. Even so, some find music distracting while trying to focus on the words they are reading. Managing your time effectively is also an important aspect of studying, according to the Department of Student Affairs at University of Illinois. Having a study plan of what, when, where, and how you will be studying, in addition to when you will take breaks, is helpful for motivation and accomplishing what needs to be done.
Your teacher might also provide you with study guides, outlines of the unit, or helpful videos that he or she has found explain the information well. Trying some of these methods might help you ace that test, so figure out what works best for you and stick with it!

Author: Kevin Walker

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