Board Games at the Davenport Public Library


Dropping the devices and using your head can sometimes be hard to do because of lack of motivation. However, sometimes putting down technology for a while and giving yourself a sort of “detox” from the screen can be very beneficial to mental and physical health. At the Davenport Public Library, this process is facilitated in a fun and easy way.

At the DPL, you can play board games you might never have heard of that also challenge you mentally. Board games are sometimes categorized as strictly for children, but the DPL has games that are fun to play for all ages. For example, playing strategy games is a great way to combine both challenging your brain and having a good time. At the DPL, you also have the opportunity to bring your own board games and introduce them to others. If you and family or friends have a fun game that you think others would like, feel free to bring it in to the library and teach others how to play. Teaching and explaining something to others is also a way for your brain to get some exercise.

By going to the DPL to play games, you also get the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with new people. Continuing to build relationships with others increases social skills, something that benefits people of all ages. Everyone has different levels of communication skills. Obviously, someone who tends to be shy might want to improve his or her social skills more than someone more who tends to be more outgoing. Regardless, every person must continue to communicate and interact with others to either maintain or improve skills. Connecting with others and leaving your devices behind for a while can be helpful for you to achieve an improvement in your communication skills.

Our society is quickly becoming consumed with technology and becoming somewhat dependent on having technology around for everyday tasks. Taking a short period of time out of your day to have a good time with others away from your devices while challenging your brain could be really beneficial to you long term. Giving yourself breaks from technology and playing board games at the library might also help you to be more technologically independent in the future. Technology is very helpful, but humans do not always have to be dependent on it all of the time.

Taking some time away from your hectic, everyday schedule and playing board games at the DPL offers something beneficial for everyone. Most importantly, playing board games is fun! Stress often consumes our lives, which can be potentially harmful if you let stress be a part of your life for too long. Whether you want to exercise your brain, to improve communication skills, or to just have a fun time, going to the Davenport Public Library to play board games with others in the community is a great idea.

Author: Hannah Borgh

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