Christmas Gifts for Teens (By: A Teen)


Teens can be pretty difficult to buy gifts for because they do not tend to drop hints or leave lists of gifts. If you are a parent of a teen and find yourself struggling to buy gifts for your child, here are some suggestions from a teenager.

  1. Concert tickets or merchandise: If your teen has a favorite artist, TV show, or movie with expensive merchandise, chances are they want it but do not want to pay an excessive amount of money for it. Tickets are also a nice option for teens that are fans of popular artists. Trust me when I say that they will definitely appreciate getting these tickets, even if they already know about them the minute the tickets are first announced.
  2. Gift cards, ex. Target, iTunes, Forever 21: These are always a safe bet, especially if you have no clue what your child wants but do have an idea what they like to shop for.
  3. Cash: Like gift cards, this is a safe plan. Every teen always wants a little extra cash. One can assume your teen would not be disappointed to find a nice $20 bill in their stocking.
  4. A phone upgrade: If your cellular plan allows, upgrade your teen’s phone. Most teens want the newest and best version of their phone. However, if your child has the iPhone 6/6s and you want to give them the iPhone 7, make sure they are okay with iOS10 first. (The update is quite an adjustment from iOS9, and some people do not like it.)
  5. Items for their sport/activity/hobby: Getting a new pair of tennis shoes or a new workout shirt is always nice for an athlete. An artist might appreciate a new paint palette or brush set. Your teen would appreciate your taking an interest in their favorite activities if you purchased something that interests them.
  6. Food/Christmas Candy: Teens always appreciate food, especially when they do not have to buy it. However, some teens do not always like when they receive food as a gift because they want the present to “last” for a while. Be conscientious of your teen’s eating habits if you decide to go this route.
  7. Technology accessories: Teens are often in need of new chargers, portable chargers, or new headphones. If you are definitely not purchasing them a new phone or tablet, sometimes just the accessories are good enough. Ask if they need any chargers or do not be afraid to eavesdrop if you hear them complaining about their bad headphones.
  8. Movies, TV shows, CDs, vinyl records: Not a lot of teens use physical copies to play media anymore, but if your teen does, do not be afraid to get them a new movie  to watch or vinyl to listen to.
  9. Netflix/Spotify: Purchasing an online monthly payment subscription for Netflix or Spotify if you do not already own it would be a nice idea. Teenagers enjoy watching movies or listening to music online, especially with Netflix and Spotify. Ps. if you purchase Netflix, you can watch the shows that you like, too!
  10. Other Knick-Knacks: Sometimes little gifts are also appreciated, especially things that the teen might not usually buy. For example, I really enjoy using candles in my room, but usually do not purchase them for myself. The candles I use are usually gifts, so when I receive them, I am really appreciative.

Hopefully this list has helped you to find gifts to give your teens if you are clueless like a lot of parents. The most important part of gift giving for teens is to give them something they like. As long as you put in thought and the teen appreciates the gift you gave them, I’d say you’ve been pretty successful.

Good luck!

Author: Hannah Borgh

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