Fun Halloween Costume Ideas


Here are some quick, easy, and unique costume ideas I’ve come up with for teens that are desperate for a costume. (The following list can be done as a total DIY, or you can purchase costumes, too!)

  1. Dress up as your favorite movie or book character: If you’re a massive Hunger Games fan, braid your hair into a French side braid, find a leather jacket, and you’re good to go!
  2. Dress up as your favorite band member/singer: Raid your closet for things that you could probably find that artist wearing (ex. flannels, tank tops, ripped jeans, etc.), compile an outfit you could see them wearing, and DIY any tattoos, piercings, or other accessories they always wear. Example: this year you might see me as Michael Clifford, guitarist from 5 Seconds of Summer. I’ll be wearing a flannel with a tank top, bracelets, some skinny jeans, a baseball hat, a guitar, tattoos done with eyeliner, and dyed hair with the help of hair chalk.
  3. Dress up as your favorite celebrity: Wear things they’d typically wear or find a prop that they would normally be seen with and try to replicate their hair/makeup.
  4. Do a pun costume: Be a major celebrity or famous figure solely based on their name, not appearance. For example, even though this is a little dated, wear a cardboard box and write “ice” on it, and then you’re Ice Cube!
  5. Be a current culture reference: Go as Trump/Hilary or a new popular movie character, like Harley Quinn.
  6. Do a casual cosplay/costume: Be inspired by a favorite character and create a costume based off their style from your own wardrobe. Doing a casual costume allows you to wear your costume to school without being too over the top. Example: Two years ago, my friends and I did a group costume as the Powerpuff Girls and wore pink, green, blue dresses to represent Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, respectively.
  7. Tailor your costume based on your interests: Most importantly, create your costume based on things you like. One of the purposes of Halloween costumes is to be someone we are not, but that does not mean we cannot be interested in our costume.

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about Halloween and my costume this year. Hopefully this list was helpful to you in your Halloween costume planning because let’s face it: not everyone wants to be a ghost for Halloween anymore. And hopefully, you are just as excited as I am for Halloween and dressing up. Happy Halloween!

Author: Hannah Borgh

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