Halloween Fun With A Two Year Old


Trick or treating with a two year old is quite an adventure. At that age, I think it’s just as much about mom and dad wanted to have fun with their children as it is fun for the child. My daughter Kamdyn just wanted to put her costume on and go get some candy. To her Halloween is about three things-

  1. Carving pumkpins with mom and dad a couple days before Halloween.
  2. Wearing her costume most of the day on Halloween to be ready for trick or treating.
  3. Getting candy. And then eating as much of it as she can convince her parents to give her after trick or treating.

Anything on top of that is extra fun for a little boy or girl. After trick or treating for 90 minutes she was tired and needed to be held as we walked home. Her cousin Maicey had a great time walking with her, holding her hand and helping her approach people she doesn’t know to ask for candy. After a few houses, she had it down and realized if she held Maicey’s hand, said “Trick or Treat” and then said “Thank you”, she would end up with a bag full of candy.



One of the joys of being a parent for me is to watch my daugher experience things for the first time and to watch her process situations. When we carved her pumkpin she also did what she always wants to do, mimic mom and dad and help with everything.

As a father of a 16 year old and a 2 year old, I am amazed at how often I feel like I’m experiencing things for the first time. I guess 14 years between kids has a way of making you forget some of the little day to day things that make parenting so much fun. It’s those little things that make me realize how much fun being a dad is the first, or the second time around.

Author: Kevin Walker

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