Country Star Billy Dean Balances Family And Fame


Photo by Harry Walker III

He was at the top of his game, numerous songs in the top ten country charts, millions of adoring fans and spending his days doing what he had always dreamed of.  Then suddenly, he walked away. Billy Dean’s passion for performing didn’t suddenly dissipate.  However, his marriage did.  At the time, Billy had two young children and he made a decision that shocked many, but felt right for him.  He put down the microphone, walked off the stage and directly into the arms of his young children.  He couldn’t bear the thought of his son and daughter growing up without their dad being present in their life.  That decision is somewhat chronicled in Billy’s hit song, “Let them be little.”

Billy spent almost two decades raising his children, enjoying the role of “dad” and steering clear of the Nashville spotlight. Now, his children are grown and he’s back.  The country star has his own show at the Starlite Ballroom in Branson, Missouri. We caught up with him during our visit to Branson during the Emmy celebration.  We found him to be just as sincere as you’d expect.  He’s a guy who loves his family, loves his country and loves his fans.  He now divides his time between Nashville and Branson.  He’s writing songs, he’s back onstage and he says he’s learning a few things.

“I’m learning to be a better performer. I’ve always loved comedy and I’m learning comedy”, said the 54-year-old entertainer.  He’s also loving life.  As Billy says, when you get your priorities straight and put family first, the business end of things will fall into place.

Author: Kevin Walker

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