The Importance of Travel


In my lifetime, I have traveled to many places including Norway, Sweden, Iceland, France, and the UK. I’ve traveled across the country and also to the states in the non-contiguous US (Alaska and Hawaii). However, I’m not here to brag or tell you about all of the amazing travel experiences that I’ve had. I would simply like to share why I strongly believe traveling is important.

  • First, going to different countries or cultures helps you to become better educated on the world and different customs. Being willing to explore new meals or clothing styles will help you to be more world-conscious and maybe more aware of current world events. It is important to know about different cultures.
  • Trying new foods or customs can also help you break your stereotype of that country. Stereotypes are inevitable, but are often untrue and can sometimes be offensive. For example, people in France don’t always eat escargot, but when they do, it’s actually delicious!
  • You can also learn about different histories, art, architecture, and many other things. Every country has a rich history of wars, design, and everything in between. You might be surprised at what you learn or you can expand your knowledge of what you know already!
  • Traveling can also help you explore your interests. You might discover your interest for food by observing all the wonderful French cuisine. Maybe you’ll discover your liking for foreign customs or mannerisms. This could lead you into the field of psychology or sociology.
  • Being immersed in another language will also help you to learn the language. Learning a new language is fun and challenging. Being able to compare origins of words or cognates can be really fun.
  • Trying new things is important in challenging yourself to be better and to be different. Doing the same routine things from day to day can get boring and you’ll never learn anything new. You might discover a newfound skill or passion for something.
  • Traveling can also help you to explore yourself. Learning about yourself in a foreign place is very easy and probably easier than when you are in your comfort zone at home. Through traveling, you can discover skills you never thought you had or traits like an outgoing personality that you never used at home. You can explore yourself and not be afraid because you’ll most likely never see any of those people again.
  • You can also meet new people and potential friends. I know I said you will not probably see these people again, but that does not mean you cannot contact certain people or try to see them again.


I hope this list will motivate you to travel sometime soon. By no means am I saying you have to leave the country and fly to Europe ASAP. And although that sounds like an amazing idea, it’s not incredibly necessary. Going to a different state relatively far from you will also be a new and different culture for you to explore. Wherever you may go now or in the future, be safe and have fun. Bon voyage!

Author: Hannah Borgh

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