Why You Should Learn a Modern Language


While learning a new language can be tough, I think it’s really beneficial in the long run. In my high school and middle school careers, I have loved learning the French language and about French culture. It can often be a challenge, but I love it, nonetheless. While I don’t currently plan on applying French in my future career, I do plan to double major or minor in French and am very passionate about it. Here are some just a few things that I love about learning a foreign language and why I think you should have an open mind about it, no matter what age you are.

  • You can travel to any country speaking that language and not be worried! You should be excited you get to practice your new language in a fluent area.
    • The biggest part of this is that you get to travel! Traveling is an awesome experience wherever you may go. I believe traveling and learning a language go hand in hand, and this is why you should read my previous post about the importance of traveling, here.
  • You can actually learn things about your own language. For example, until learning French, I had no idea what the Subjunctive was in English or French, until I learned what it meant in French then compared it to English. P.S. Subjunctive is just a tense where verbs are conjugated irregularly to express a wish or want.
    • You can also learn about the origin of some English words. A lot of English words come from French for example, and it is often easy to find comparisons between the two languages.
  • You can communicate with a lot of other people. Much like English, modern languages are not limited to the country they originated from. Spanish is spoken across the world, and even across the US. If a situation comes up where there is a language barrier, you might be just the person to help.
  • You can make new friends and relationships through modern language clubs, classes, or activities. In these situations, you might not have classes with the students you see in a modern language environment. Participating in a modern language class or club will give you the opportunity to meet new people who also have the same passion for your language.
  • You’ll benefit from it later. Yes, even if you don’t end up using another language in the future, you’ll be able to get into college or get a job better because you have another language on your resume. Having experience with another language will look great to admissions counselors or potential employers. A lot of people might not have a language under their belt, so the fact you know one and someone else doesn’t might be the deciding factor for you to get the job.
  • Knowing a language is something safe to fall back on. If you have years of modern language experience and another job falls through, you could get a job as a translator or a communicator in your language.
  • Learning a language allows you to explore the cultural facts, history, fashion, art, music, and many others of the language you’re learning. Learning about a culture is always fun and interesting and learning another language is an excuse to explore a country’s culture.

I hope this list was helpful and I hope you now have an interest in taking up a new language because of the impacts it can have on you.

Author: Hannah Borgh

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