Fun Thanksgiving Family Activities


Different families have different Thanksgiving traditions. Here are some fun things I’ve thought of that you can do to spend time with your family this Thanksgiving.

  1. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Spending time watching and enjoying the parade as a family is a great Thanksgiving tradition, so take time to enjoy the parade and also your family’s company.
  2. Watch football, the National Dog Show, etc: Simply being with your family without actually doing anything can be entertaining, especially while watching a good movie or show.
  3. Play a board game: Take breaks from phones, computers, iPads, or other various devices and instead have snacks and a healthy conversation with your family over Monopoly or Clue. Card games, like UNO, are also fun ways to involve lots of family and friends.
  4. Cook together: Getting kids involved can be a fun way to spend time together, and kids love to help their parents. Whoever is cooking can find ways for everyone to help. For example, someone can be the “Turkey Baster” and someone else can mix up a bowl of stuffing.
  5. Get outside: Go for a walk or bike ride if the weather’s nice and enjoy each other’s company while getting some simple exercise.
  6. Look to Pinterest or the internet: The internet always has fun craft ideas for you to try out or holiday themed recipes that are begging to be tried. Be creative and involve your kids in fun DIYs that the whole family can enjoy.
  7. Come up with your own plan: Find activities that interest your family and stick to them. Making holiday traditions is fun and easy and making annual traditions becomes a great way for you to bond as a family.

Spend your Thanksgiving with your family and experience the full meaning of being thankful for those you spend time with during the year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: Hannah Borgh

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