Black Friday 2016

Immediately after Halloween, the Christmas season always seems to begin. Thanksgiving can be often overlooked, but I think Thanksgiving Break offers possibly two of the greatest things ever, food and shopping. I can’t possibly think of two greater things to be celebrated in such a short time off from school or work. And as a teen, going shopping and getting food are two of the activities I do most often with friends or family. However, Black Friday has evolved from what it has initially started as. It’s become more of one or two weeks of deals and promotions over just one day of sales. Cyber Monday deals often start before Monday and even before Black Friday.

I think it’s also not as crucial for people to go out late on Thanksgiving or early on Black Friday because people can get most deals from the comfort of their home. Buying online is especially convenient if a store you want to purchase from is located nowhere near you. As online shopping has become more and more popular, the strong urge to go out to get Black Friday deals has become weaker and weaker.

Black Friday can be a nice opportunity to get your Christmas shopping out of the way for the season and can eliminate frantic last minute gift-getting, which is also nice. I think it’s also a good opportunity to purchase anything you need around the house that you might need. You can also take the opportunity of Black Friday to purchase items you want, like clothing. If it’s on sale, I think you should be justified in splurging on yourself. You’ve probably already eaten more than you normally would, so why not splurge on your time off even more?

Usually, I don’t go out shopping on Black Friday, but this year I might do a bit of online shopping. Now that I’ve convinced myself that it’s okay to splurge a little when it’s Black Friday, I might feel more justified when purchasing new clothes.

Black Friday might be a great occasion, but don’t forget to remember Thanksgiving and all that you have and will receive. Sometimes the intangibles, like family, are more important than the tangibles, like a new flat-screen TV. Overall, a combination of a break from school, good food, time with family and friends, and shopping makes for one happy teenager. Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!

Visit for an extensive list of sales, coupons, and deals to make your Black Friday shopping easier. Need tips on buying gifts for a teen? Don’t worry, I’ve written an article about what a teen might want for Christmas already. Read it here.

Author: Hannah Borgh

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