Why I Love Being on a Team


I’ve written multiple high school advice articles varying from test-taking strategies to why to be involved. I absolutely love being involved at school and the activity that I am most involved in and outside of my school is my sport, tennis. I wanted to write about why I love being part of a great team and community and hope to persuade you to do the same.

Through joining tennis, I have made instant friends that I might never have had. A sport might have multiple “types” of people from different “groups” that you might never have even talked to. Simply being on a team together can give you something to bond about. Whether it’s complaining about how your coach is making you guys run so much that day or talking about an awesome shot you just made, you can bond through your sport. You might also get the opportunity to learn more about other teammates, and you surprisingly might have more in common with someone that you would have least expected. One way to do this is through team bonding and team dinners. They’re always a ton of fun and are a great way to get to know teammates better. Some of my best friends are on the team with me and I would never have met them if I didn’t play tennis. Because of my team and teammate friends, I feel a sense of belonging and that I fit in somewhere.

Along with this, you have automatic motivation at a meet, game, or even practice. A team is strong and supports each other on and off the court. Having that extra encouragement from someone other than a coach or parent really pushes you to be better. It’s a great feeling to be motivated but it also feels good to pick others up with you.

You can also learn about yourself on a team. I feel I have grown tremendously as a person since joining my team. A team can help you to mature by forcing you to take on a leadership role, like it did for me. This was incredibly good for me because I’m naturally very shy. Being part of a team can bring out the best in you, and sometimes can bring out parts of you that you didn’t know existed.

On a team, you also learn a great deal from others. Older people on a team have more experience and are great people to look up to. When I was a freshman, the seniors were so helpful to me and one in particular continues to be a role model to me. And it’s not just information about your sport that you can learn from older teammates. I learned a lot about myself and who I am through other girls on the team. It’s really fun being able to take on the role that I once praised so highly and adding my unique touch to being a leader. I feel responsible for my team and am able to have a sense of pride for my fellow members and the team as a whole.

While it’s my final season as a Bulldog tennis player, I’m still incredibly excited and know it’ll be my best one yet. I also look forward to potentially planning in college and getting to experience being part of a team all over again. Hopefully, I’ve at least sparked interest in your involvement in a sport in high school, or really anywhere. Being part of a team, even for an individual sport, is an incredible thing and I suggest everyone to do it.

Author: Hannah Borgh

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