The Chicago Cubs World Series Trophy Makes More Memories for Families

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Davenport was the first city outside of Illinois to host the championship trophy.  Harry Walker, Kevin Walker and I were there representing Mickle Communications. It was undoubtedly a cool experience. More than a thousand-people waited in line for their chance to get a photo. We interviewed several of them. Each person had his or her own story about the Cubs.  As I listened to their stories, I couldn’t help but think about my oldest child.  Kyle is a diehard fan. He spends much of his money and time going to games at Wrigley.  I knew he wanted the opportunity to see the trophy.  Unfortunately, he was in class at the University of Iowa when the trophy was here.  Later that day, the trophy traveled to the University of Iowa. How much more convenient could it get?  He was still in class and had to miss it.

As my children are getting older, I’m more aware of the importance of creating memories.  The day after the trophy made its way from Davenport to Iowa City, it landed in Cedar Rapids. It was on display from 8-9:30. I knew the rules.  The first 500 fans got a wristband and were guaranteed an opportunity to go inside.  The remaining fans would only be allowed in, if time permitted.  So, I left my house at 5:30 in the morning (Karen though I was ridiculous).  I traveled to U of I and picked up Kyle. We made the trek to the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena.  We arrived almost an hour before the doors opened to the public.  As we stood there in the freezing cold, members of the Cubs organization came outside with their wristbands. I wasn’t sure we would be part of the first 500.  As they made their way down the sidewalk, I tried to gauge the number of wristbands they had left.  They got closer and closer and they still had not run out. Finally, they got to us. Wristbands in hand, I knew Kyle was going to get the chance to see the trophy. There were approximately 20 more people behind us that received the bands before they ran out.


We stood in the cold, shivering for more than an hour, waiting to get inside the warm building.  I don’t think the cold really phased Kyle.  At one point a bus pulled up with elderly gentlemen from an area senior living facility. As they were wheeled in to the building we could see they were holding signs. Since we were so far back in line, we couldn’t read the signs…until we got inside. Each man was holding a sign indicating how many years he had waited to see the Cubs win the World Series.  Kyle got a huge smile on his face and said, “That is so cool.” He was right. People applauded for the gentlemen as they were wheeled back out to their bus.   They weren’t the only people reveling in the moment. There were Dads with young sons and daughters.  High school friends, couples, Moms with sons and daughters.  All coming together to enjoy a piece of history.

When we finally got close enough to the trophy that Kyle could see it, his smile broadened.  Finally, it was his turn.  He stood next to the trophy.  He had cheered for years for the Cubs.  Hoping each year would be “the” year. That dream finally came true.  Two quick pictures and then it was the next person’s turn.  Kyle thanked me numerous times that day for getting up early and coming to get him.  Really, I should have thanked him.  He may be a bigger Cubs fan, but it’s a memory, I will hold onto for a long time to come.

Author: Kevin Walker

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