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The smell of popcorn in the air. Kids sprawled all over the living room floor. The room dark and a television lit up with the sounds and pictures of a magical adventure. These are the memories that we remember for the rest of our lives. Movie nights are cheap things that you can do to spend time with those you love why they are still young and carefree. Activities with your kids don’t have to be expensive, and here are some tips to help make your movie night with the family special. Here are some tip to help make the best movie night possible courtesy of Common Sense Media.

Tip one. Schedule the movie night.

If the movie night is planned out in advance, then there is no need for everyone to forget or say they have other plans if they are old enough to drive. For younger kids, this is not so much as a worry so don’t worry about this as much. Also make this time a media-free event with the cellphones locked up and work put up for the day so the kids can come first.

Tip two. Take turns.

For the movie night, make it a regular thing and let everyone choose what movie they want to watch when it is there turn. Do not complain about the movie choice, because that person sat through your movie, you can sit through their movie. For really young kids, it is recommended to have a pre-selected group of movies to watch so the same movie isn’t on repeat for week after week after week. To keep it interesting, use Netflix and their ranging selection since those change on the month to month basis, or try Amazon Prime since many good movies can be found for free with your account. It’s also $47 a year for the Prime account.

Tip three. Location does matter.

For the movie night depending on what to do, have it in your living room or if you have a projector take it outside on a nice night and hang a sheet to watch movies outside. If you are on vacation, take the movie night on the road when to grandmother’s house you go for even more entertainment and fun with the whole family.

Tip four. Turn it in to a Theme Night.

This seems optional but sometimes a snack to go along with the proper movie is amazing and makes it all sweeter. For example, when watching a movie about a beach try ice cream or popsicles with the movie as the snack. Dress in costume when watching a certain movie such as let kids dress up as princesses.

Tip five. Talk about the movie.

At the end of the movie, talk about what happened in the movie and encourage your kids to voice their opinions of the movie. If the kids liked something about the movie, go to the library to learn more about something that happened with the movie. According to Common Sense Media, “Talking with kids about how movie characters handled fictional situations can be a subtle way to reinforce your family’s values or get kids to open up about their lives.” Talking is important with kids and sometimes it can clue you in to things that are not as well as things seem to be. Do not interrupt your kids as sometimes the things that they say can help bring about a better and more positive image to your kids so they can be more open. Listen to them now and they will want to talk about their problems in their teenage years.

Also kids do not care how much an activity costs as long as they can do it with the people they care about. Movie nights at home can be cheap, inexpensive activities that will help those you love come together. Be a family today, and have a movie night tonight.

Author: Courtney Swessinger

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