Why Your Family Should Go Out to Eat Tonight


Food is amazing. I will admit it and I will always admit that food is basically life, or at least to me its life. Ever since I was young there was something about food that made life exciting for me. I have learned from experience that  there is something about food that can make a person feel happy and feel good all at the same time, but it depends on what you are doing with the food. I grew up in a family where food was unfortunately bland and to this day I still blame the picky eaters in my family. My first experience at tasting real food was at my uncle’s house where he taught me that spice in food is good. Also he taught me with food that sometimes all it takes is a little bit of pepper and a little bit of salt to bring something to life. Food gives us something to live for in life. I know sometimes plain is better, and if you want to eat the same thing every day go ahead. I want to change perspectives on how food should be and light it up to something delicious and amazing that touches our lives in ways food has touched mine. I applaud places that have this way of thinking too.  So why should you try something new? How about because something local is trying to change our habits and get us out of that rut.

The Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau has come up with a way to give residents an experience for life involving food, and even though it is almost over there are still two days for residents to try something new and experience something different in the world. Two days to give families an experience that is worth trying. Two days to create new memories. There is so much that can happen in two days, so try something new. Two days to try different food.

For many in the world food is a community event, just like this event going on right now. Some of the restaurants in the Quad Cities bring a whole new side to a culture, and there is everything from German to Italian to American depending on where you look.  Also on the plus side, the prices are not that bad. They range from $7 to $10 for lunches. Dinners are more expensive and will range from $15 to $25 per person. I have to stress the per person as with many of the restaurants on the list of participating restaurants that is said, also for some meals beverage, gratitutity and the tip are also not included in the prices. One positive though is that many of the meals are being charged at the $25 for dinner are three-course meals including an appetizer, the entrée and dessert. There are select items that are allowed in the three course meals but the restaurants will most likely have those listed.

Also another great thing about this week is it gives an excuse for trying to get out of that rut that so many of us get stuck in. Life is about taking chances so why not take the chance and try something new for a night? Or give the teenage girl down the street a chance to earn some money and take a date night, although please don’t let the date night turn out like Tina Fey and Steve Carrell’s date night, five points to whomever gets the reference.

Anyway, back to point, there are numerous restaurants all over the Quad Cities area participating so go try something new and nice, because honestly, it may just be the best decision of your life. So as the Italians say, “mangiare per vivere e non vivere per mangiare,” or according to translation ‘eat to live, and don’t live to eat.’ Try something different, and kick that rut this weekend. It’s going to be cheaper so try something different with your life. Bon appetite!


Be sure to visit here for the full listing of places to visit as well as prices for meals.

Author: Courtney Swessinger

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