Beatlemania Strikes Again In The Quad Cities


The Beatles have hit the Quad Cities for a limited time run at the Putnam Museum. This exhibit features the Beatles and everything that you have ever wanted to see of the Beatles including a few artifacts such as the last thing John Lennon ever signed. This exhibit features everything for the whole family from the history buffs to the music fanatics all in one location.

This exhibit is for the young and the old in our lives as history comes to repeat itself since it has been roughly 50 years since the Beatles were first in the Quad Cities according to some. Unfortunately I am at the age where I barely know whom the Beatles were. So how is this good thing to take family too?

One. The exhibit is multilingual. Seriously. All the signs in the exhibit are written in Spanish and in English and so it is something that even if you do not speak a word of English can get behind. Also isn’t music known for being multilingual? This is something that families whether they speak English, Spanish or the key of C, can rock out too.

Two. It’s hands-on. There are so many different things to keep kids and adults interested such as artifacts, photos, etc. It is honestly a cool experience to share with grandkids and kids. There are things set up such as the chance to ‘be’ a Beatle. You can even choose which Beatle is yours according to personality type. Kids can also record and mix their own music like the Beatles did back in the day.

Three. Have I mentioned the artifacts? There are so many fun and honestly rare artifacts on display that have rarely been seen by the public until now. I heard that right now this is the largest collection of Beatles memorabilia in the world at the moment, however do not quote me on that. This exhibit also showcases many rare photographs of the Beatles during their time touring. There is so many interesting and exciting things on showcase.

No matter what the Beatles are one period of history that kids should be taught about in music because they changed an entire generation. So why not help out with their education and take them to explore this new exhibit at the Putnam Museum?

If you are interested in going to check out the exhibit it opens March 11 and goes through May. General admission costs for adults is $18 or $10 for members, seniors and college students $16 or $9. Youth costs are $14 or $7 for members. Tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased online at For more information please contact representatives at 563-324-1933 or visit

This is something you need to check out as soon as possible because it is an exciting opportunity for all involved. This a fun exhibit and it is definitely something that everyone should check out when given the chance. So I hope you take my word and check it out!

Author: Courtney Swessinger

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