Golf Season is Here

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With the Masters just around the corner I can’t get golf out of my head. Like many, I share a love-hate relationship with the game. There is no better feeling that stripping a drive straight down the fairway, or taking money from your buddies on a friendly wager. But the thing I really love about golf is its all-encompassing nature. On its face, golf is simple. It doesn’t require the physical prowess that many other sports demand.  It was once said that God made some men big and some men small, but metal made them all equal. I believe the same is true for golf. There is no architype to being a good golfer. There is no bias toward size or strength, only to the patient and diligent. It really can be anyone’s game.

I believe Arnold Palmer said it best, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect.” The game creates a spectrum for how a round can be played. At the professional level, tournaments are played on courses that stretch for miles, but are decided by inches. At the amateur level, golf can simply be a leisurely walk with a destination in mind. Regardless of the level of play the beauty of golf cannot be overlooked. It supplies everyone the chance to enjoy the outdoors and compete on any desired level. The old cliché is that sports are great analogies for life. Golf is no exception; it teaches patience and fortitude while requiring disciple and strategy. Any round can be filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but no matter the number of strokes it is important to focus on the next shot.

My final point is that golf teaches respect. This can be said of all sports, but in golf it is clearly shown by some of the classiest professional athletes in the world. Players compete individually, but walk the courses as teammates, often waiting for competitors to catch up before heading toward their next shot. The comradery is evident in the celebrations opponents often share with one another after exceptional shots. Rules and penalties are often self-enforced, and trash talk is nearly unheard of. Finally, after each round a handshake is shared between competitors. Golfer and caddy alike, hats are removed, hands are outstretched, and kind words are shared to congratulate each other on the completion of another round.

So get out and play golf! Take your family, invite friends, go by yourself. It doesn’t matter because golf can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Just support your local courses and respect the game and its players throughout your day on the links.

Author: Thomas Walker

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