The Bettendorf Family Museum and You: Making Memories



Three-year-olds are tiring. At least that is what I found out when I went to the Bettendorf Family Museum when I got the opportunity to visit.  I honestly had a blast watching my little cousin having the time of her life at the museum. Especially since she is of the age where cartoons are her life. Her favorite? Well, right now it is Paw Patrol but she was a fan of Doc McStuffins too. So we went and checked out the Doc McStuffins exhibit produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

We also checked out some of the more or less permanent exhibits at the museum, but the place where she had the most fun (besides playing with the water) was this exhibit. She loved this exhibit. It is just the perfect size for small kids and I would recommend the exhibit for those under the age of 7 or 8. It is perfect for small hands to learn, and it is a great learning experience for kids as definitions of everything that they can learn are posted everywhere. There are also little ‘toy’ babies for kids to take care of and little animals as well.

Kids can take what they see on the show and learn about those skills and put them to use. It seems like a great show too because STEM is becoming very popular so it’s a great way to introduce kids to that at an early age. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and these are the areas where more people are needed. I think it’s great that we are trying to get kids to learn about science so early on because at least for me, science is cool.


I want to say that this is the one thing she enjoyed but not by a long shot. She loved the water exhibit at the museum too. We had so much trouble pulling her away from it but there was so much more for her to explore and to see as well. At one point we found a clever use of technology. There was a padded mat set up, about as big as a 4×6 area rug. Projected onto it was the image of a fish pond. She adored it, and it was kind of cute because when you moved so would the things in the ‘pond’. At one point she proudly announced that she had caught a fish. It was so adorable. She was also pretending to swim in the pond declaring herself a mermaid.

Along with the McStuffins exhibit, there was a tiny little vet shop set up and she nearly kidnapped a toy guinea pig, although she basically just wanted the cages opened before she left. She wandered around the pizza shop there but seemed lost because there were slightly bigger kids swarming around.  Despite some of the minor little meltdowns throughout the evening (gosh forbid we try to let her see something new). She had a great evening, and even though they had to head back to the near Chicago area, it was something exciting and perfect for her before they left. There were other little things that happened but honestly this was a day I will remember because it was with family. I recommend creating memories and maybe going to go check it out this weekend. The staff was really friendly and super nice too.

I would recommend hanging out with your little ones here this weekend. It is on the cheaper side and great for smaller kids that are young. Weekends are great at creating memories, and honestly spend some time with your little ones before they magically turn into teenagers because no matter what parents like to think, we all have to grow older at some point (growing up is optional). We may not like it but family is forever, so I encourage you to go check out the Bettendorf Family Museum this weekend. This is one trip that you will not regret.

Author: Courtney Swessinger

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