Sesame Street Adding New Character

Do you remember Sesame Street from when you were a kid? Well now they have added a new character to the beloved television show. Her name is Julia, and she has autism.

In my opinion, this is cool because not only does it showcase a difference, but it also teaches kids how someone with autism would react so it works to help in the future. Hopefully with a show that teaches all about inclusion.

She debuted earlier this week on CBS’ 60 Minutes, and there was not a dry eye according to some sources. Some were optimistic about Julia and were praising the show for using experts to help showcase her accurately.

Autism affects many kids, and with the Center for Disease Control reporting that 1 in 68 children having autism, then it is no surprise that Sesame Street wants to do something to bring awareness to kids living with the condition.

It helps too that the puppeteer for Julia has a son with autism. This makes it more surreal and will help bring some life to the character. Although it is important to note that every child with autism is different. It works in different ways in children, but each child with it is special.


The episode will air on PBS Kids on April 10th, and this is cool because April is known as Autism Awareness Month. This is the time when we celebrate those who have autism and wear a puzzle ribbon because it is still so much of a mystery. It is also the time of the year where places around the world will light up features across the world blue. It is to stand in solidarity with those living with autism, and so thus it is pretty cool.

This is cool what Sesame Street is doing because, in my opinion, as a society we are scared of the unknown. If someone or something is different, it is unknown so we feel we have a reason to be scared of it. That is why it is cool what Sesame Street is doing, because it is helping to break down those barriers that we put up against the unknown with autism, because if you have never been around or seen someone with it, then how would you know how to react?

Kids should be exposed early to different things, and honestly if we never ask questions how will we know half the things we do? Sesame Street is also giving a chance for kids to learn about something that they may never have been exposed to before, and that will make all the difference in the world.

What is even more special is that it seems to be a trend, as with some movies (i.e. the new Power Rangers movie), there are characters being added that are on the autism spectrum. So what do you think is this part of a growing trend or do you think there is more to it? Please feel free to comment below and tell us what do you think of Sesame Street and is it part of a growing trend to help with inclusion.


Author: Courtney Swessinger

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