5 Graduation Gift Ideas


With the school year almost over, graduation is quickly approaching. Whether you have a graduating student or family member, you are probably looking for gift ideas. If you asked a teen today what they want as a grad gift, they would probably just tell you money. But if you aren’t satisfied with that and want to give them a more thoughtful gift, here are five great graduation gifts to get any teen.

Metro Card

            Depending on where the graduating senior is headed off to, they could find some use in a Metro Card. If the grad is going to a large spaced out school then a Metro Card could really help them get to class on time and save money. Being in a large city can be very stressful trying to get places on time, and not having to spend the extra money on these passes could really bring joy and less stress to the grads life.


            Most teens today own cars and do not own a bike, but depending on where they will be attending college many might not be able to have a car. A great solution to getting around a campus that might not be bus accessible is a bike. Bikes are easy to store and a fast means of transportation. Make sure you also consider getting them a bike lock and lights for their safety.

Music and Movie Streaming Service

            Teens today rely on services like Spotify and Netflix to get their entertainment. They might not be able to use them because they aren’t at home. Getting a subscription to Spotify could help them concentrate while studying, and getting them one to Netflix could cure downtime boredom.

TV or Laptop

To access the previous gift idea of Netflix, they might need a watching device like a TV or laptop. With access to TV in their dorm, they can invite friends over to watch movies. A laptop is an essential item for most college students. From writing assignments to emailing professors it is hard not to have a laptop in this technologically driven education setting.

Gift Cards

            While paying for books and classes it’s hard for students to scrape enough money together for a decent meal. Being away from home and not having those usual home cooked meals is a hard adjustment for some. Gift cards to local restaurants or take out places will help the student get the proper nutrition they need to carry out their days.

Author: Nic Raso

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