River Bandits and You: Why Should You See them in Action


Okay, let me get this out there; yes I know I am a female and yes I know that I should not like sports but I do. I may not be a walking dictionary about sports but some sports maybe, although I am not going to discuss what I do know, and what I do not know here. However what I do know is that it is baseball season, and the River Bandits are gearing up towards a great season.

I could bore you with all the facts about the team, but instead I should tell you why you should go see your local baseball team.

  • Because it gives your kids something to do.

Instead of staying at home all day playing video games, by going to a physical game it gives your kids a chance to get some fresh air, and to be around germs all day. Not to mention, depending on how good the game is, people are more than likely to stick around and thus catch attention. Although for other things, there are usually drawings too for really cool prizes, which leads us to the second reason.

  • Good food that is totally not healthy for your kids.

When was the last time you went to the ballpark and had healthy food? Probably never. Give your kids a break to the health nut diet and enjoy a questionably good hot dog or greasy nachos. Enjoy a delicious soft drink product while cheering on your team. Kids will like it because they get to go get a meal that is not at home, and parents will like it because it means they do not have to cook. So enjoy a great meal that you can enjoy out of home at your local baseball stadium.

  • Helps to encourage kids to get into athletics

Want your kid out of the house this summer but don’t know what type of sport? Take them to a baseball game! This way they can learn the basic rules of the sport and see just how fun and exciting it is without all the fuss of having your kids learn the rules the old fashioned way, and honestly because how else are they going to learn unless they experience it themselves? It is always fun and exciting without making people hit their heads on the wall. Also because sports are always fun.

  • Because it gets your kids outside

Tired of your kids sitting in front of the television all day being bored? Want them to do something exciting? By getting your kids excited by a sport means they will want to do the sport themselves, and thus gets them outside all summer. Not to mention depending on how old they are means that they will have fun, and it is a great way to keep people from getting sick since being around people means no more tired immune systems. It is also a great way to keep your kids healthy too. So kick your kids out of the house for a couple hours for a baseball game (with you the parent in tow) and you will be able to enjoy a fun exciting experience. Not to mention being outside for a few hours isn’t going to kill your kids, instead it will only make them stronger in the long run.

  • Encourages good sportsmanship

Kids always ganging up on each other and not saying nice things even in Little League? Take them to a big people game and show them that in real life they play together and it is not about someone being better than the others but about ego being pushed aside so that the team can play together.  This is also a great opportunity to teach kids that everything in life is not about winning but about having fun. Encourage your kids to bring a disposable camera and take pictures at the game, so that the memories will forever be stored, or better yet coax dad to get out his smartphone so that pictures can be shared to family members.


  • Opportunity to meet people in the community

This is always fun because there are so many interesting people in the community (not to mention it is a  great way to practice stranger danger), so if a sketchy person is at the game then your kids learn to stay away. It also becomes the opportunity to meet people and hang out with the local people in your community. So next time you go to a baseball game, say hi to those around you, because you never know who might just click with your family. Did I mention it is also a safe place since almost everyone at a game is friendly and until they are fourteen really won’t wander off? Plus it is fun since friends can come along too and hang out!

  • Helps kids develop an interest

Remember back in the days when kids (namely 12-year old boys) would collect baseball cards and trade them? Get your kids interested in the sport. Encourage your kids to look up the score from the game, or to talk about players and what might happen in games. Smile and talk with your kids too because if you try to shut them down when they are talking about something then they may just not like the sport or whatever they are interested in. Help your kids with their interest by maybe every once in a while buying a pack of cards for your kids.

  • Helps kids learn the basics of being a team member

In a society that is all about ‘me-first’ this is slowly becoming a harder lesson to learn, and the fact that they have to rely on other people. It is a great opportunity for them to learn that they need to help others if they want to score a point, or if they want win a game. Not that it is important but sometimes a life lesson can be found in the smallest of things, including playing catch. It is honestly not very fun to be playing catch by themselves.

  • It is something for all ages

Baseball has been around for years, so not only does it give your family a chance to bond, but it helps to show that not just kids can like baseball. I can argue that baseball turns grown men into six year olds. However there is nothing like sitting at a baseball game with the whole family just trying to catch a fly ball over the fence, or a homerun. Heck even at some point while walking five miles to school and back Grandpa had to have caught a baseball game, or even played on the school baseball team.

  • The prices are decent

With ticket prices ranging anywhere from $5 to $14, tickets are not that expensive depending on how big your family is. Not to mention if you buy your tickets online or at least a day in advance at the box office window, the ticket is at least TWO dollars off? That is a great deal, and even though I sound like a broken record on this, it is cheap entertainment that should last at least a couple of hours.

So next time you are looking for something to do, go see a baseball game. There is a reason why it is America’s favorite pastime. With the relatively good food, and the excitement a baseball game is perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon or a Friday evening, especially since there are fireworks involved. So try and enjoy a night with your family at the stadium. You deserve it to yourself to see a baseball game, and your kids will enjoy it too.

Author: Courtney Swessinger

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