Fun Ideas for Rainy Summer Days


In an ideal summer, every single day would be 70 and sunny. All of our time would be spent outside at pools, water parks, drive-ins, picnics, and bonfires. Unfortunately, the occasional rainy day is expected each year, and, with the famously fickle Midwest weather, planning several activities for rainy or cold summer days is not a bad idea. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy your summer no matter what the weather.

Go “Camping”                                                                  

My family is not the “outdoorsy” type. Our version of camping was setting up a big bed on the ground in our living room, eating a bunch of junk food, and watching movies until we all fell asleep. Camping out in the living room was one of our favorite things to do, and we always had a blast. There are no bugs, no humidity, no dirt, no fear of wild animals. It’s truly the best kind of camping.


For families with young children, setting up different activity stations around the house can keep kids occupied on rainy days. Each station can have a theme and activity such as coloring, painting, modeling clay, making macaroni art, putting together puzzles, and anything else. This way kids will have multiple options to keep their attention all day.


Board games are a classic way to pass the time indoors. Invite your friends and family to make it an even bigger event. Sometimes adding prizes to the team or individual winners give each player even more incentive to win.

If board games aren’t an interest in the family, card games are also an option. There is an abundance of games that a family can learn from just a deck or two of cards.

And if your family prefers more active games, tag, hide-and-seek, and sardines are just a few options the whole family can enjoy. Active games depend more on how much room is available, but there is always an option to play no matter how big or small the house.



Family Contests

Family contests would be especially fun in a big family that can divide into teams, but any size of family can make it work. A family contest can consist of any challenges the teams can play such as an obstacle course, a cooking competition, board games, tag, relays, etc. If you have enough imagination, the sky is the limit.

Fancy Dinner

Dressing up and eating a fancy dinner can distract a family from the pouring rain and gloom. Whether you order in or make your own food, get the whole family to dress up and enjoy a “5-star gourmet meal” in the comfort of your own home. The best part, however, is immediately changing back into comfortable clothes and eating ice cream and cookies while watching a movie in the living room. Be sure to take a picture to document your marvelous dinner party!

Enjoy the Rain

If the rain can’t stop your family from going outside, embrace it! Jumping in puddles, running around in the rain, and playing in the mud can make the rainy day just as fun as a sunny one. Just make sure to dress appropriately so no one gets sick and be ready for some major clean-up if mud is involved. But it’s all worth it!

Rainy days don’t have to be the end of the world during the summer. In fact, they can be the beginning of a whole new way to have fun. Whatever you choose to do on your rainy day, make sure you and your entire family can enjoy it together!




Author: Sarah Francisco

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