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Happy summer, QC travelers! We’re enjoying excellent weather now, but it’s never too early to plan for fall and winter trips. Many QC area schools have a fall break, and then several weeks surrounding the November and December holiday seasons. When it comes to airfares, the early bird gets the worm! Check early, check often, and grab that great airfare!

The most recent good news for many area snowbirds is that the nonstop Allegiant flight to the Ft. Myers area, via Punta Gorda airport, has returned to the schedule out of Moline/Quad Cities! Flights are available for booking now at or through your travel agent. Flights begin December 15 and run twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. This is in addition to two other Florida nonstop cities Allegiant flies to: Orlando Sanford (great access to central/eastern Florida), and St. Petersburg/Clearwater Beach, with access to the entire Tampa Bay region. Of course, the Quad City International Airport has three “legacy” airlines in American, Delta, and United with connecting flights domestically, as well as internationally via such hubs as Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Detroit, for instance.

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To kick-off with our partner in travel fun, QC Family Focus, we’ve launched a Facebook page,, where you can see airport news, share travel ideas and tips, share vacation photos (once you’ve returned home, for safety reasons), and so much more. We hope you’ll interact with us on Facebook!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long before my flight should I show up? We recommend 90 minutes, particularly when flying as a family, or if you have extra strollers/car seats. Also, please keep in mind that the early morning hours, from 5:30 to 7 a.m., are the busiest at the screening check point, so you don’t want to risk being late for the busy early-morning hours.
  2. Can I check-in to my flight online before I get to the airport? Yes, if you have the airline app downloaded to your phone, and connected to your flight account. Or, if you check in on your computer, and have your boarding passes printed. If you don’t have your passes printed, you can print them at the ticket counter or self-serve kiosks at the airport. Note: Please print Allegiant boarding passes prior to arriving at the airport. Otherwise, there is a small fee to print boarding passes.
  3. How many bags can I take and what’s the weight limit? Most airlines have a 50-pound weight limit for checked luggage. However, Allegiant limits their bags to 40 pounds. Some airlines charge for a second checked-in bag. Since the airlines vary in price and what they allow for each traveler, we recommend you review the “baggage” section on your airline’s website, or call their 800-number.   For more information on the Quad City International Airport, visit  

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