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The Quad City International Airport (QCIA) works to make travel an easier experience for you. Aside from occasional winter storms affecting hub/connecting cities like Minneapolis, Detroit, and Chicago, it’s possible to de-stress holiday flight plans! Booking from your hometown airport is the first step – it makes reaching the airport quicker and saves you money. Check out the Easier Trip Calculator at QCAirport.com/trip to find out more. Here are more tips for holiday traveling:

Keep Updated: Two weeks before your departure, review the travel tips at TSA.gov, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website. Those flying with children should visit TSA.gov/travel/special-procedures/traveling-children. Those with medical issues or disabilities should go to TSA.gov/travel/special-procedures. Review baggage/suitcase size and weight requirements at your airline’s website. Many airlines allow 50 pounds per bag, while Allegiant allows 40 pounds per bag.

Be Ready for Bad Weather: Monitor local and regional forecasts days ahead of your trip. Be prepared to consider new dates and reschedule.

Stay Connected: Charge your electronic devices before you depart the QCIA. We have charging stations on Concourse B near Gates 7 & 9. Use airline apps, e-mail alerts and text alerts for changes in status or gate changes. Add your airline’s 800 number to your contacts.

Share Travel Plans: Always give your complete flight itinerary (airline, flight number, arrival time, and connecting city if applicable) to people at home and at your destination. When hiccups occur, family and friends will want to call the airport for more information.

Bring Snacks: You can’t bring beverages through the screening checkpoint, but you may carry an empty water bottle to refill after clearing security. Feel free to bring sandwiches, granola bars, chips, beef jerky, nuts, cheese sticks and other convenient snacks. Cut pizzas in half, wrap and layer the halfs in foil and clear wrap, and place inside your carry-on.

Delays at the Airport: Cancelled or delayed flight? Go to the ticket counter and also open your airline travel app. Some airlines allow for in-app changes. Some apps might not allow changes due to limited holiday space/seats. Call the airline’s 800 number or your travel agent on your cell phone and ask for additional options. You might get booked on another flight. Consider nearby cities where you can rent a car and drive to your destination.

Bring Them Home for the Holidays: Let your relatives know how easy it is to use the QCIA! Use the free cell-lot waiting area, east of the airport, to pick up relatives. More questions? Feel free to call us at (309) 764-9621 and we will assist you as best we can.

Author: Cathie Rochau

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