Have A Blast This Summer, If You Can Find The Time

Summer is the best time to have a blast – or so our culture tells us! Think of all those Frankie and Annette summer beach movies from the Sixties. There’s also Caddyshack, Dirty Dancing, National Lampoon’s Vacation … the list goes on.

Of course, the reality of the situation is very different. It’s hard to have a blast when you work 40 hours a week! Plus, many people who need vacations don’t want to go. They feel that work and/or family responsibilities won’t allow them to take the time off. In such cases, they need to look at their work/home life balance. A strong work ethic is a good thing, but not at the expense of one’s mental health.

Be sure to try something new this summer. Maybe you can start jogging regularly, or learn to paint, or even visit another country. Find some way to make this summer a season to remember.

While summer has its challenges for adults, it’s not always a picnic for children and teens. Life can be more open for them during summer, but a lack of structure can create anxiety. Many young people need structure – it gives them things to do and look forward to. Playdates for children are always fun, and camp is a great idea for older kids.

Sometimes, parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are concerned about their kids being on medication year round. They may consider letting kids take a medication holiday during the summer. A medication break may be beneficial for some kids, but for many, the best option might be staying on their medication year round. Why? Kids still need to interact with others over the summer and their medication often helps them to do so with greater success.

As both a clinician and the mother of a wonderful boy who happens to require medication, I know firsthand that remaining on medication in the summer can actually allow a person to be their best self! If you do consider stopping medication, always consult your prescribing medical doctor first, to make sure it is the best option and that there will be no side-effects to stopping.

If personal problems make it difficult for you or your family members to enjoy summer, it could be a good season for dealing with those problems. Sometimes, it might be best to consult a professional like myself. As a strength-based therapist, I have more than 30 years of experience helping people to navigate life’s difficulties.

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Author: Denise Aiden

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