How To Conquer The Holiday Road Trip Without Technology

Want to spend a tech free holiday road trip? It’s possible with a little creativity and advance planning. This Thanksgiving put phones and other technology away to spend quality screen free time together as you hit the road. Last year over 48 million Americans hit the road for Thanksgiving according to AAA. If travel is part of your family plan this year, we have six ways to have fun without technology.


I Spy is a great way to keep your eyes peeled both inside and outside the car.

License Plate Bingo starts with your home state in the free space. Rack up as many license plates as you can along your trip.

Sightsee along the way. Plan out your ride and encourage your children to be on the lookout for landmarks, animals or other things they normally wouldn’t see.

Tell A Story. Maybe you make up a story or tell them a real story from when you were a kid.

If all else fails, encourage your children to read a book. Not only does it make for a quiet ride, but themes, characters and book plot lines can spark lengthy conversations on your ride.


Prep for your trip

Get a good nights sleep before you leave

Plan your route in advance

Make sure your vehicle is road ready

  1. lights work
  2. check tire pressure
  3. have an emergency kit in the trunk
  4. check your wiper blades and fluid level

Make the Trip Enjoyable

  1. take breaks as needed
  2. check the weather before you leave
  3. have snacks and drinks ready to go

After the Trip

  1. Clean the inside of your car
  2. Hit the car wash

Author: Kevin Walker

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